Angel Investing For Dummies And Crowdfunding — A Detailed Guide

Edward Culligan
30 min readSep 7, 2022

Angel investment network is an online platform for angel investing that connects startups with a global network of angel investors. This guide on angel investing for dummies or crowdfunding for dummies will help you know more about this platform.

Angel Investor Global Network

Angel Investing For Dummies On Angel Investment Network — An Overview

Angel investing makes it possible for people with business ideas to work on their business and earn money. Many entrepreneurs are trying to start new businesses and have great ideas but are struggling to find the right investors. So, this is where the Angel investment network comes in handy.

At first this network was small but now it contains 30 branches in 80 different countries. They have 1,833,189 registered members having 307,398 investors and 1,525,797 entrepreneurs. These figures make this platform the largest angel investor community all around the world.

In 2021, they launched another Brick Tribe platform specially to connect property investors with other investors. The team has successfully raised funds for remarkable companies like What3Words, Rosa’s Thai, and Nova stone.

In the last year, the Angel Investor Network has received over 100,000 pitches from entrepreneurs all around the world, which has doubled the number of pitches over the last two years. Apart from the previous market, they are receiving good response from the new emerging marketplaces as well. Currently, they now have more than 200,000 registered business angels.

One thing that we must mention about Angel investment network is that they also run a successful broking division that has shown exceptional growth in the last 12 months. This platform has been involved in many amazing raises since 2019. Some raises include eco-friendly baby products Kit & Kin and also a fully customizable bio-polymer plastic company Teysha.

How Does Angel Investment Network Work — Steps Explained

Here are a few simple steps that you need to perform to get started on angel investment networks.


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